The Helsinki and Espoo city governments have confirmed the total Jokeri Light Rail design and construction cost to amount to approximately 275 million euros. Additionally, the project scope shall possibly include the option of delivery of depots (approx. 64 million euros) and other project-related street and traffic systems (approx. 36 million euros).

The client, i.e. the cities of Helsinki and Espoo, will decide on using these options during the project.

The Jokeri Light Rail’s client first tenders out the designers as one group and then the contractors responsible for project delivery and other system suppliers as the second group.

Negotiation method is used as procurement method according to which the client chooses 3-4 candidates that fulfill the minimum requirements.

When the negotiations end, the client will ask the tenderers to present their final offers and then chooses the economically most advantageous tender.

Similar procurement process will be used for both designers and contractors. Tenderers’ ability to operate in the alliance and produce value for money as well as fee offer on design or construction will be used as the comparison basis of both tenders.

The management board of the Jokeri Light Rail manages the procurement, decides on procurement principles and accepts the choice of tenders and awarding of the contract before presenting them to the cities for decision. The main administrative decisions are contract awarding to designers and contractors as well as investment decision made after end of the development phase.

Procurement of designers

The tender reached a conclusion in June 2017. The designer group of the project is consortium Ramboll Finland Oy, Sito Oy and VR Track Oy.

The design of the Jokeri Light Rail includes design management, designing and possible subcontracting in cooperation with the client and contractors chosen later.

Procurement of contractors

The client received tenders from 4 contractors. The tender should reach a conclusion during autumn 2017.

The construction of the Jokeri Light Rail includes delivery management, construction with subcontracting and procurement of tramway system deliveries and installation in cooperation with the client and designers. Construction is planned with virtual means.

Procurement calendar

At the beginning of the development phase, this page will display the Jokeri Light Rail’s procurement calendar with information about procurements needed by the project.