The light rail’s contact lines are now live – working in the vicinity of the track subject to a permit

The public will be able to spot the trams of the Jokeri Light Rail line starting from November 2022, when the line’s technical test runs commence at the eastern end of the line. As part of the test runs, voltage will be connected to the contact lines of the light rail line.

As of 26 October 2022, working in the vicinity of the light rail line is subject to a permit issued by Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd. The vicinity of the light rail line is defined as encompassing areas within four metres of the light rail line. For work that will be carried out within two metres of the live parts of the overhead lines, such as the contact lines, gantries or hangers, the permit process includes checking whether voltage will need to be cut for the duration of the work.

The overhead cables of the light rail line are normally suspended at a height of 5.5 metres at junctions, so Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd must also be contacted about any oversized transports over 5 metres tall that will pass under the lines.

Information about the details that must be provided about work and instructions for contractors and service providers are available here (in Finnish):

The technical test runs of the Jokeri Light Rail line will start in early November in the section between the depot in Roihupelto and Oulunkylä station. The safety of road users will be ensured during the test runs with the help of traffic controllers and signs.

The line’s overhead cables will be live as of 26 October.

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