Jokeri Light Rail has handed over several sites to the City

The Jokeri Light Rail project handed over several completed sections to the Cities of Espoo and Helsinki on Wednesday 25 August. The sections handed over include track and street sections in locations such as Ainonaukio, Vaisalantie and Ravitie in Espoo, and Norrtäljentie and Pihlajamäentie in Helsinki. A total of five bridge sites were handed over as well, as were smaller individual street sections.

“The project is progressing well within the schedule. We have sites where we have made progress faster than planned, and successful handovers are an important gauge of how the project is coming along. All the sites handed over in August were delivered in an immaculate condition and successfully – for that, I would like to give my sincere thanks to everyone involved,” says Production Manager Kari-Pekka Lumme appreciatively.

Representative of the City of Helsinki Ville Reihe concurs that the handovers are off to a good start. “It is important for everyone that the street spaces can be overhauled with a high level of quality and returned to their users as soon as possible. We must remember that a lot demanding work that is highly important to society and requires plenty of planning has been carried out hidden under the street surfaces.”

Representative of the City of Espoo Mira Saarentaus says that receptions are always a happy milestone indicating that the project is coming along well. “The Maari area in Otaniemi is starting to look very much completed. Next, we will slowly yet keenly start preparing for the beginning of test drives.”

The handed over track and street sections in Ainonaukio.
The sections handed over include track and street sections in Ainonaukio.