Several completed sites were handed over to the cities – the majority of the Espoo section is already in the City’s possession

In late November 2021, the Jokeri Light Rail Alliance handed over several completed sites and street sections to the cities of Espoo and Helsinki. The majority of the streets in the Espoo section have already been completed.

When a site is handed over, the client and the implementer go through it to ensure that it has been implemented as agreed. The client, i.e. the city, receives the site being handed over, whereby the city assumes responsibility for maintenance and other owner obligations. This also starts the Alliance’s ex-post liability period.

Espoo section almost completed – a significant improvement in public transport underway in Helsinki

Korkeakoulunaukio, Kurkijoentie, Kurkijoenpuisto, Impilahdensilta, Linnoitustie, Alberganesplanadi, Leppävaaranaukio, Hevosenkenkä and Perkkaantie were handed over to the City of Espoo. The majority of the project streets on the Espoo side have now been handed over to the City. Work will still continue at the Keilaniemi terminus, on Kuusisaarentie and at the western end of Otaniementie, as well as on Alberganpromenadi in Leppävaara.

The section of Maaherrantie located on the eastern side of Lahdenväylä was handed over to Helsinki. Eliel Saarisen tie between Isonnevankuja and Ilkantie will be handed over to the City on 7 December. As a result, trunk line 550 and line 52 will return to their normal routes on Eliel Saarisen tie at Huopalahti station as of Monday 13 December 2021. You can read more about the bus route changes here.

In addition to the completion of the streets, work on the electrical systems has progressed as scheduled, which was also evident in the sites handed over. In addition to the completed streets, the sites handed over also included traffic light junctions and the Vermo and Pirkkola electricity supply stations.

The next site handovers have been scheduled for February 2022.