Where will the Jokeri Light Rail cars be serviced and stored? Will the maintenance work disturb the immediate environment?

The Jokeri Light Rail cars will be stored and serviced at the new depot to be constructed in Roihupelto. The cleaning and maintenance will be carried out inside the depot and will not cause noise. The light from the depot will not exceed the brightness of normal urban lights. The cars are cleaned with a biodegradable, solvent-free cleaning agent that will not harm the environment or the depot workers.

In the study on the depots made during the project, two alternative depot solutions were analysed. In the first depot solution, Jokeri Light Rail only has one main depot, located in the eastern part of the rails, next to the Roihupelto metro depot. In the second solution, there are two depots, the main depot in Roihupelto and a side depot on the northern edge of Laajalahti.

According to a survey made in January 2018, it will be more functional to only have one depot in Roihupelto. However, the detailed plan includes a reservation for the Laajalahti depot, in case more stock is needed in the future due to an increasing number of passengers.