Contact line work to be carried out in Otaniemi in March

The construction of the rail line is nearly complete in Otaniemi, and the work has been on winter break. The work will resume in March with the installation of contact lines on the Maarintie-Otaniementie section.

The work will begin in calendar week 9 with snow clearing. The contact line installation, which will include setting up beams and running the contact line, will begin in calendar week 10. The work will be carried out in day and night shifts, depending on the work stage. The work will entail heavy machinery moving on the rails throughout the entire section between Maarintie and Otaniementie, so caution is advised in the vicinity of the track.

The contact line work in Otaniemi is estimated to continue until calendar week 13.

Ajojohdintyöt alkavat Otaniemessä viikolla 10.