Electrical work for Jokeri Light Rail halfway done

Construction of Jokeri Light Rail has made good progress despite the snowy winter. At the end of January, work on the electrical and technical systems reached a completion rate of 50 %.

The electrical and technical systems involve aspects such as pylon installations, traffic lights, contact line work, switch control, cable work and electricity supply stations.  The first electricity supply stations were handed over to client organizations in the autumn of 2021, and the next ones will be handed over in late February. More than 80 % of all the pylons have been erected at this point, and, for example, all traffic lights in the Laajalahti–Leppävaara area have now been handed over.

Electrical work will continue along the Jokeri Light Rail line throughout the year. Over the course of the year, overhead cables will be powered up for the first time as the first sections reach completion and switch control testing begins. Moving about close to the track will be safe as long as you do not enter the track area or climb up the electricity pylons.