Maarintie will be reopened to traffic in week 31

Estimated duration: July 2020–

With the rapid progress of the Maarintie rail construction, we will be able to open Maarintie and the intersection of Tietotie, Konemiehentie and Maarintie again for motor vehicle traffic in week 31. The asphalting and paving works on the road nearly completed. The alignment of Maarintie has changed slightly.

Ainonaukio will be closed to motor traffic on Tuesday 28th of July. However, Otakaari will remain open to traffic, allowing easy access to the university buildings.

Walking and cycling
Walking and cycling path is open on Maarintie.

Motor vehicles
The passage of motor vehicles on Maarintie will be opened in week 31. The intersection of Tietotie and Konemiehentie will open to traffic at the same time. The section of Maarintie at Ainonaukio will be closed from 28th of July.

Public transport and stops
Line 108N will pass through Puumiehenkuja from 27th of July. Bus stops will remain the same.

Reittimuutokset Maarintien alueella karttakuvassa.
Pedestrian, bicycle and motorway routes around Maarintie.