The building of the track starts in Otaniemi in the first week of May.

The building of the track starts in Otaniemi in May. The laying of the tracks of the light rail will start on Maarintie. The first Jokeri Light Rail tracks were laid in late 2019 on Ravitie in Vermo. This 350-metre section of track serves as a pilot for the structures of the Jokeri Light Rail track. The construction on Maarintie will start in the first week of May.

This summer, new Jokeri Light Rail tracks will also be built elsewhere in Espoo: on Vaisalantie in Otaniemi, on Lahdenpohjanraitio in Laajalahti, on Alberganesplanadi and Leppävaarankatu in Leppävaara, on Perkkaantie in Perkkaa and on Ravitie in Vermo.

The rails will be transported to the construction sites in segments that are approximately 18 metres in length. The transportation and laying of the rails requires a large amount of space, due to which the construction may cause temporary traffic interruptions. To ensure smooth traffic flow and safety, construction may also be carried out at night. Local residents will be informed in advance of construction taking place at night.

After the laying of the rails, work on the streets will proceed to other tasks, including the construction of the rail line’s surface structures and other street segments. The light rail line’s busiest construction period will take place in summer 2021.