Leppävaarankatu to resume two-way traffic on Monday 12 October

Ilmakuva Alberganesplanadilta kohti kauppakeskus Selloa.

Construction on Leppävaarankatu street in front of Sello shopping centre is at its final stages. Two-way traffic will resume on Leppävaarankatu on Monday 12 October. The section of Leppävaarankatu between Numersinkatu and Ring I has been one-way since early February 2020, but the connection from the west to Ring I will resume from Monday onwards.

At first, the road will have one lane in each direction. Later in autumn, it will be expanded to two lanes in each direction. The vehicle access from Leppävaarankatu to Alberganesplanadi will re-open.

Work related to Jokeri Light Rail on Leppävaarankatu will be mostly finished during 2020.

The work in Leppävaara has progressed well ahead of schedule. Thanks to the collaborative workflow planning carried out with various parties, we have been able to finish jobs quickly with high quality. The work on Alberganesplanadi will also be mostly finished during autumn 2020,” says Veli-Matti Aaltonen, Section Manager for the Laajalahti–Leppävaara area.