How have residents’ opinions been taken into account in the planning?

Several events for residents were held during the project planning. When the project planning started, opinions on the impact of Jokeri Light Rail were collected regionally regarding the everyday lives and mobility of residents.
We also surveyed residents’ wishes regarding the development of land use and the service selection along the light rail line. In Espoo, the changes to the route were also presented. Regional presentation and discussion events were organised as fair-like events. The traffic plans for Jokeri Light Rail were available for comment on the project’s website, and there were showrooms at Laituri in Kamppi and Sello Library.

The drafts of the street plans to be completed along with Jokeri Light Rail have been presented to residents at open events in 2018. This will also continue in 2019. During the comments phase for the drafts, comments on the street plan drafts will be collected both at the events and directly via the City’s channels. The drafts will be improved and a street plan suggestion will be prepared based on the comments. After this, the street plan suggestions will be showcased and comments may be made on them. The committees of the Cities make the final decisions on approving the street plans.

There have also been resident events in connection with the city plan and the detailed plan.