Early 2021 changes in traffic arrangements

About 44 per cent of the construction work of Jokeri Light Rail has already been completed, and 9,140 metres of tracks are finished. The first streets – Leppävaarankatu, Maarintie and Maarinrannantie – have already been completed and handed over to the City of Espoo. However, work is still ongoing on the majority of Jokeri Light Rail’s 42 streets, and the following changes in traffic arrangements are expected in early 2021.


  • Miestentie will open to motor traffic on 1 March 2021. At the same time, construction work will begin at the Otaniementie and Vuorimiehentie roundabout, which will affect the route of trunk bus line 550 in Otaniemi.


  • An underpass from Alberganpromenadi in the direction of the train station and Sello shopping centre was opened in early January. The connection on the Leppävaaranaukio side from Alberganpromenadi to the shopping centre doors will be closed at the beginning of February for about five weeks to carry out waterproofing work. During that time, you can get from Alberganpromenadi to Sello via the underpass.
  • At Leppävaara station, Turuntie has one lane in use in each direction. The abnormal transport route will be closed until mid-February.
  • The taxi station at Leppävaara station will be out of service from 1 January 2021 until the end of the year. There are replacement taxi poles on Leppävaarankatu, Ratsukuja and Läkkisepänkuja.
  • At the Majurinkatu intersection on Perkkaantie, the traffic lights will be switched off and the lane arrangements will change in mid-January. The turning of vehicles longer than 8 metres from Majurinkatu to the east on Perkkaantie is prohibited until the beginning of February.


  • At the Haaga roundabout, rock will be excavated starting from week 3 for about three weeks. During blasting, there will be traffic stops at the roundabout.
  • The number of lanes on Pakilantie will decrease in mid-January. After the completion of Jokeri Light Rail, Pakilantie will have one lane in each direction.


  • The route of bus line 69 in Patola changed on 1 January 2021 to run via Mäkitorpantie and Siltavoudintie instead of Kivalterintie and Mestarintie. Later in the spring, turning left from Mestarintie to Käskynhaltijantie and from the east on Käskynhaltijantie to Mestarintie will be terminated permanently in accordance with the street plans.
  • Norrtäljentie has been opened to bus traffic and the detour via Siltavoudintie has been decommissioned. Norrtäljentie will be opened to other motor traffic later in the spring of 2021.
  • The old railway bridge on Maaherrantie will be dismantled in March 2021, and the bus traffic on Maaherrantie will be diverted to another route via Koskela. The stops at Oulunkylä station, Veräjämäki and Viikinmäki on Maaherrantie will be closed. The diverted route will use the Taivaskallio and Viikinranta stops as well as the Maaherrantie stops on Viikintie. The diverted route will be in use until the completion of Jokeri Light Rail. More information about the detour can be found on the HSL website.


More detailed information on traffic arrangements can be found on this website and, regarding bus traffic, on HSL’s website at www.hsl.fi/en.