The first track section of Espoo was handed over to the City on 25 November 2020

Ilmakuva Leppävaarankadusta.

The Jokeri Light Rail project has handed over the first fully completed track section, Leppävaarankatu, to the City of Espoo. The section handed over includes the street, tracks, traffic lights and lighting. These are the first tram tracks received by the City of Espoo and the first section of the Jokeri Light Rail line that has been handed over, comprising approximately 130 metres of tracks.

Espoo also received street sections in Otaniemi, as the project handed over the sections of Maarintie and Maarinrannantie. Furthermore, in connection with the handover, the City of Espoo received the first Jokeri Light Rail bridges, including the Impilahdensilta bridge crossing Turunväylä, which was completed earlier than estimated.